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Office of FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies Program WideFunding Opportunity Announcement

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005
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  • Modification 2 - Mar 23, 2005
Applications Due:

May 2, 2005

total funding: Not Available
max award: none
min award: $0
cost sharing, matching: No
number of awards: Not Available
type of funding: Cooperative Agreement

Please submit any questions to the Master FundingOpportunity Announcementunder the Submit Question Feature.The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), National Energy Technology Laboratory(NETL), on behalf of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy?s(EERE) Office of FreedomCAR and Vehicle Technologies (OFCVT) andWeatherizationand Intergovernmental Program (WIP), is seeking applications for projectswithin the OFCVT and the WIP Clean Cities programs. DOE anticipatesawardingcooperative agreements under this Funding Opportunity Announcement(hereinafterreferred to as announcement).No additional applications will be received for Areas of Interest 1 through3that were included in the first closing and evaluation period of thisannouncement.This announcement has multiple areas of interest. The second and currentclosing and evaluation period of this announcement is aimed at receivingapplications in two technology areas:4. Natural Gas Vehicle Cylinder Safety, Training and Inspection Projecthttps://e-center.doe.gov/iips/faopor.nsf/UNID/AD56986900CC2A9685256FC1004AE4C1?OpenDocument5. Natural Gas Vehicle Road Map and Data Collection Efforthttps://e-center.doe.gov/iips/faopor.nsf/UNID/CC26BB7EAD04D37285256FC1004AF66C?OpenDocumentIn the area of interest for Natural Gas Vehicle Cylinder Safety, TrainingandInspection Project the objective is to create a project that willcoordinatewith vehicle users and fire, safety, and code officials for increasing theunderstanding of the safe and proper use and maintenance of compressednaturalgas (CNG) fuel containers. The proposed work should focus primarily onon-vehicle CNG containers but should also address stationary CNG storagecontainers located at vehicle refueling stations. The project strategy orapproach should consider vehicle users or fleets that already perform sometypeof cylinder safety inspections and may just need assistance to determine iftheir current inspection program is adequate or needs improvement as wellasothers that may not be doing any inspections at all or may be unaware ofwhy itis important or when it may be required by law.In the area of interest for Natural Gas Vehicle Road Map and DataCollectionEffort the objective is to develop comprehensive roadmap for targeteddevelopment of natural gas refueling infrastructure projects (CNG, LNGand/or acombination of the two) to support successful deployments of light- andheavy-duty natural gas vehicles in niche markets. The project shouldinvolvepublic and private stakeholders, address the drivers and barriers to thesuccessful deployment of natural gas vehicles, research and document thelessons learned from existing projects, and develop criteria that allowdecision-makers to focus limited resources. Also to be included in theeffort,is the development and implementation of a plan on the collection ofnaturalgas (CNG and LNG) vehicle fuel sales information. There are severalexternalefforts currently on-going that collect National and State estimates wherefeasible for CNG/LNG fuel use data in the transportation sector. The workaddressed will not only be a check and balance of those efforts, but willaddthe most value by concentrating on fuel use data collection efforts forCNG/LNGniche markets (e.g., transit bus, school bus, airport taxis and shuttles,short- and long-haul freight carriers, and refuse haulers) and aggregatingandreporting the collected data at the State and National levels. Bothretailand wholesale sales from private and public pumps should beincluded.

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Eligible functional categories:
Funding Sources:

Renewable Energy Research and Development

More Information:

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If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: using thislink
If you have problems accessing the full announcement, please contact: Keith Carrington

Address Info:

U.S. Department of Energy, National Energy TechnologyLaboratory, 3610 Collins Ferry Road (MS-I07) P.O. Box 880 Morgantown, WV26507-0880

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